May 222010

It’s an exciting time for mobile users and developers alike.  Android is coming into its own and the new features are rolling in!  It’s hard to believe this OS is only 18 months old and already rivals the big boys in terms of market share!


Some highlights from Froyo:

Exchange support- Includes access to Global address list and Calendar
Portable hotspot-
Tethering is available from the OS rather than a 3rd party app or jail-breaking
Improved performance-
JIT compiler and browser improvements = SPEED
Voice dialing over Bluetooth-
For you jawbone users this may be a godsend!
Android Cloud to Device Messaging-
Ability to push bookmarks, maps, etc from a PC web browser to your phone
Apps on external storage-
Apps have the ability to be stored in an encrypted area on your SD card
Auto app updates-
Changes to the market will allow you to be in control of when and if your apps auto update 

But don’t just take my word for it!  The video below is an overview from Google on some of the changes:

For more technical highlights and a wonderful ripping on Apple check out this video from day 2 of Google i/0



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