May 262010

While it is my firm belief that the iPhone 3GS 16GB is an antique, word on the street says the 16GB iPhone 3GS is now $97 at WalMart.  WOW!!!!

Now while I’m not a fan of phones with:

  • Non removable batteries
  • No flash (software or camera)
  • Non-standard charger cables
  • Closed, fenced off and unyielding OS code and app store
  • (+ many other Android fanboy favorites)

I will say one thing…  $97 IS ONE HECK OF A DEAL FOR AN IPHONE 3GS! 

You can also make me admit that at this price it makes sense for:

  • A Low cost smart phone option
  • Kids
  • People who can’t wait till the new iPhone drops

I will also go on record saying at this price I would have picked this up instead of my wonderful Nexus 1.

$97 is a GREAT deal or is it???  A couple of things stuck out as I dug deeper into’s offering…

  1. Not sold online (ok I get it)

2.  “Prices in Store May Vary”   (now it gets interesting).  Does this mean that the price may change due to a contract?

Does this mean that depending on where you live you may have to pay more or less for a stale Apple?

Either way, I would suggest looking into this if you are looking at a deal on an iPhone but;  If you have the money look into a Nexus 1, Incredible, or Evo

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