Jun 282010

Ever want to take a snapshot of what’s happening on the web?  Google Trends is a great place to start!


As a tried and true techie I could tell you until I’m blue in the face about anything that plugs into a power outlet or network jack but ask me about sports or the entertainment world and I’m at a loss.  For example:

Someone asks:  “Hey what do you think about Justin Bieber?”

In the old world I would have whipped out my phone, done a Google Images search and…

Me:  “Oh yea, Justin Bieber, he’s that kid Shane from Weeds right?  What a great show!”

This short conversation about Bieber could easily show I’m out of touch with the “pop music” world.  If I had teenage kids and I answered this way they may even banish me to the island of misfit parents!

If only I would have kept an eye on Google Trends I could have seen the trend and had the time to find out he is a singer not Alexander Gould from Weeds, and side-step all of the embarrassment.

But Google Trends is so much more…  I’ve included a recent screenshot from the last time I went to the trends page.

By clicking these links you can QUICKLY find out about, World Cup results, politics, and even if Britney Spears is dead.  Clicking one link lets you know if you should mourn her loss or play a hoax on your friends…

Another great feature of this page is the “Search Trends’ box up top.  If something is popular enough it will be here chocked full of info and even METRICS!

Need a baseline on BP?  BAM!

Looks like Someone is in trouble!!!!

All in all, this tool is a great snapshot for people who don’t have the time to chase blog posts or RSS feeds.  I would even be so bold as to say using Google Trends could free up extra time for you to check out my site http://mattdetwiler.com and see what all the cool geeks are up to.

Google Trends…


Oh… and as far I can tell Brittany is doing much better than BP at this point!

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