Jun 072010

Greystripe + Adobe = Flash content on iPhones and iPads but…  Who wins? 

We all know that Flash has been banned to the island of misfit toys by Mr. Jobs but it seems that Adobe is going to sidestep this limitation with a partner called Greystripe.  Greystripe is in the business of taking Flash ads and videos and converting them to HTML5 for users who’s browsers support Flash.  While this may be an interesting parlor trick on the surface I’m not sure about the long term viability of this partnership.

Who wins?  As I see it this is a great solution for getting Flash content on Apple devices.  Apple wins by not having to accept the Flash application, Adobe wins by allowing its developers to create cross platform content and Greystripe wins because they can provide a turnkey solution for Flash Developers.

But do they?  On the other side of it Apple loses because once flash ads will now be on their devices (just in HTML 5).  Developers lose because they now have an extra step in the development process and Adobe loses because their product is still on the island of misfit toys.

I believe Adobe is working hard to produce a "write it once deliver it to many" application framework.  Wouldn’t it be great if as a developer you could write in one language/environment and be able to export that program, app, video or ad to any device or format out there?  I think this is what Adobe is shooting for and probably the main reason why Apple is throwing up a roadblock.  If developers can write for any platform wouldn’t that make Apple products less secure and not as special?

Here’s my prediction:  Adobe is going to realize that HTML5 needs to be one of its export options and part of the core functionality of Flash.  HTML5 is a new technology that developers need in their toolset.  I can see Adobe buying up Greystripe and bringing their technology into the Adobe Flash fold.  As a bundled tool that gives programmers and designers another choice for getting their content on any device.

The mobile and tablet markets are on FIRE right now and regardless of how things shake out I love watching technological soap operas unfold!




Adobe Partners to Deliver Flash Content to iPhone and iPad


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