Jun 032010

Just got an email from Microsoft today announcing IE 9 with some interesting test results!  IE 9 is fully standards compliant?!!??

Some great graphs and examples here:


According to Microsoft everything is peaches and cream!

While I’m stoked to hear that IE may have finally joined the ranks of standards compliant browsers I will withhold judgment until the browser is on my desktop working flawlessly.

It also sounds like they may have some sort of “view this in IE x” type of “virtual browser” to accommodate the need to look at things in older versions of the software.  I’m guessing they got this idea from the success they have had in Win 7 with running other versions of windows in virtual mode.

I was going to test out the browser preview here:


But…  you need Windows Vista or 7.  Sorry MS my home PC will be XP for a looooonnnnnngggg time…

Perhaps I will have to give this a go on my Win7 machine at work.  Otherwise it looks like I might have to stick with Firefox for the duration…

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