Jun 242010

Some things glitter like gold…  Others are just yucky yellow spots…

Initial reports are pointing to an issue with some iPhone 4 displays that is causing what appear to be yellow spots and bars. 

It also seems that using some phones with your left hand and bridging the two bezel pieces may also weaken the phone’s signal.

TechCrunch (while often leaning towards iPhone fanboyism) has even brought these issues to light!  Strangely enough they are also writing glowing reviews of the new Droid phones (wonder what’s going on over there!!!). 

According to their article the yellow is due to “still-wet glue” and there may also be issues with the camera crashing the phone. 

Still wet glue eh?  Sounds half baked to me; as with all new technology it often pays to wait a few weeks until the bugs are worked out. 

Tech Crunch Link below:


I also promise to post a something positive about the iPhone4 VERY soon so stay tuned!

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