Jun 112010

Heads up some MASSIVE changes to my homepage!

I came to the realization that my goals weren’t lining up with what I was putting out there on my homepage.  My page was becoming an advertisement for consulting rather than serving as an avenue for the sharing of information.  There are 234234234 million consultant pages out there and while it would serve me well if I had mattdetwiler.com on the side of a truck, I’m not looking to put my total focus on gaining more consulting clients.

Here are a few goals I have for my site:

-Sharing Technology as I see it

-Distributing FREE technological tutorials

-Having a place to share knowledge

-Making money

If you notice making money is on the bottom.  Would I like to make money with my page?  Sure who wouldn’t!  I’m going to put up a few ads here and there and perhaps catch a few consulting contracts as time goes by but for now I’m cool with that.

I realize that saying you know how to strategically plan and support technology and showing it are two different things.  Part of me wants to use this site to give something back.  There are many times when random blogs have saved my butt during a technological crisis so if I can add my brain to the mix and help someone I’m cool with that.

I’ve also realized that I’m not trying to be a web or graphic designer and there are plenty of GREAT themes out there for WordPress that I can apply and tweak.  Using a content management system like WP for my homepage allows me to sync with Posterous and also lets me shift my focus to content rather than fluff.

Keep your eyes peeled!  I’ll keep adding my take on tech news but I’ll also start adding other worthwhile content to my site.  Mattdetwiler.com, add it to your favorites list now!

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  1. Nice Redesign! Looks good. I just recently updated my site: http://nevillebarrettjr.com

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