Jul 132010

Stumbled upon a really interesting site called Devhub.  The site is similar to other blogging platforms like WordPress but with a twist. 

Setting up your Devhub site is accomplished by walking through tutorials, gaining experience points and coins and cartoon avatars…  Yes that’s right, your blog is now a video game!  If you are thinking WordPress and X-box live had a baby you may be correct.

As fun an cartoony as Devhub may be the platform is backed up with some serious technology.  Right out of the box your Devhub site comes with features that allow you to track visitors and monetize your page right away.

Throw in the fact that they host your site and I’m calling it a HUGE win for a casual blog.  While I’m not moving mattdetwiler.com over to Devhub any time soon I will use Devhub for any number of fun, casual, and anonymous blogs.

Check it out:  http://www.devhub.com/?r=i3vbw4lkfx

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