Jul 022010

Hello Android and Nexus One fans!  Looks like another update to Froyo 2.2 is out and already being pushed to T-Mobile subscribers!

The update FRF91 appears to address a few security issues possibly around Gmail.  There are a lot of comments out there saying the update is improving speed.

I have two Nexus One phones available for testing.  One got the OTA update this morning and the other (mine) somehow missed out.  As I hate to be the last kid on the block to have anything (even security updates) I took the liberty of manually upgrading.  Not so sure about the speed increase but everything seems to be in full working order.

If you are tired of waiting for the OTA update check out this page from Android Central:


The link from Google and the install instructions are about half way down the page

As a side note I’m really pleased with the speed of the updates on this version.  While many phones are still waiting to get Froyo I’m very glad I decided to buy “Google’s” Android phone when I had the chance.

The Nexus One is a SOLID phone.  Google had a great idea with their direct to customer, phone sales business model and I really believe in what they were trying to accomplish.  The dream of being able to release different versions of the same phone across all carriers is the definition of common sense and Google should be nominated for a noble peace prize.  As with a lot of Google’s ideas, the Google phone store/business model was just two or three years ahead of its time.

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