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Are you a fan of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Microsoft’s Remote Desktop application for Windows?  Ever wonder what life would life be like if these two played nice together?

Imagine a world free of Windows Media Center PCs.  A world where you could seamlessly switch from “Gears of War” to Gears of IT support!

What is Remote Desktop?

For those unfamiliar, Microsoft’s remote desktop client is one of the most used tools in the world of information technology support and management.  Remote Desktop allows you to create a connection between the Windows computer you are using and another Windows based computer in a remote location.  While using this program you see and interact with the desktop of the remote computer just like you would if you were sitting at the remote PC.

So why should Remote Desktop be on the Xbox 360?

Being able to use Remote Desktop from the Xbox 360 would allow users to connect to any PC in the world from the comfort of their own couch.  Forget trying to explain what Windows Media Center is or how to set it up.  One quick Remote Desktop link and you could be listening to music or browsing files on the computer in the other room just as you would if you were sitting in front of your PC.

There could also be one Remote Desktop app launchable from the Xbox 360 dashboard that could save the locations of your remote desktop computers for quick reference making the whole experience seamless and easy.

Imagine this IT support guys…  It’s Saturday night, your phone rings, it’s your boss and he wants you to change permissions on a network folder ASAP.  In the old world you would have to pause your game walk into the other room, wait for your PC to power on, bring up Remote Desktop, and connect to your office’s network to make the change.

If you had Remote Desktop on the Xbox 360 all you would have to do is push the Xbox button in the middle of your controller, select Remote Desktop and choose your office’s network from the list of available Remote Desktop connections.  You may even be able to fix the permissions issue with your boss still on the phone!  Slick?  YES!

Oh, and there is the added bonus of not having to leave your seat or boot up another computer.

One problem…  How do we use a keyboard and mouse, we only have an Xbox 360 controller?

This problem has an easy solution and could also help Microsoft sell some extra hardware.  There are many small format keyboard/roller ball combos out there for use with Media Center/TV PCs.

Oh look Microsoft already makes one!

This keyboard/roller mouse combo could easily be shrunk down and branded with an Xbox 360 logo and sold for an additional 50% over the price of the current Media Center version.

Remote Desktop on the Xbox 360 is a product everyone could enjoy.  Showing family pictures or playing your favorite music could be one click away.  How about browsing the web from your Xbox 360?  Remote Desktop for the Xbox 360 could transform the console from just a mere video gaming machine to a hub of productivity for your living room.

The idea of Remote Desktop for the Xbox 360 may be a dream or perhaps it is the next step towards the convergence of work and play; A new bright new future where taking that support call is as easy as pushing the Xbox button.

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  4 Responses to “Remote Desktop + Xbox 360 = A Techie’s Wildest Dream”

  1. How about being able to play mmorpg on the big screen from the comfort of your chair? Or the 64 player PC version of Battlefield 3? I would gladly pay for an RDP for XBOX program!

  2. Yes I would love to have this. I thought maybe it existed already but seems as you are the first search result I am assuming it doesn’t.

  3. I would like to be able to remote desktop from my pc to shadow the xbox console so I can see what my sons upto when he should be doing his homework.

  4. I would love to play some of my old PC games on the big screen without having miles of cable running across the floor.

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