Aug 192010

Wow!  Technology super giant Intel made a HUGE move today by purchasing McAfee for 7.68 Billion.  This kind of moving and shaking is what makes technology interesting.  When one of the top CPU/hardware companies buys one of the top security and Anti-Virus companies people take notice.   To give a comparison, picture Ford Motor Company buying up Geico.  This purchase is huge both technologically and strategically.

Intel Buys McAfee

This move is going to allow Intel to work closer with integrating security software into its hardware.  Intel makes great CPUs but if the software on top of that CPU is full of security holes Intel has no control.  As Virus and malware threats become ever more creative, it just makes sense to secure PCs and other technology at the hardware level.    Owning a leading security company also allows Intel to optimize its chips to run with McAfee software.  Imagine a full virus scan in less than 5 minutes or not having to install anti-virus software at all.  I can see it now “The NEW Intel i29 with McAfee”.

If you are keeping track of technology news you may be asking yourself, “Didn’t Intel just buy something else?” and you would be correct.  A few days ago Intel also purchased Texas Instruments’ cable modem division.  While some investors may be scratching their heads saying “ooh Intel is just trying to diversify itself”, I believe something more strategic is afoot.

I think Intel is about to embark on a magical journey to revolutionize internet security for the consumer market.  What do you get when you mix some of the best chips in the world, some of the best security software in the world AND a cable modem company?  I can only imagine a super fast consumer grade hybrid cable modem/security appliance.  When can I have one on my desk?

While these companies were not cheap I think Intel has a great strategic play going on and I like it!

Interested in learning more?  Check out the sites below:,11095.html

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