Sep 082010

Had to steal that line from the wonderful old guy in the video!  CLASSIC!

If you’ve been keeping track of my posts you’ll more than likely notice that it has been a while since I’ve put up anything new.  I decided to stop chasing tech news UNLESS I truly believe the news has a major impact on the world of information technology.  Who cares about the next big iPhone killer or Silicon Valley startup?  Most people don’t.  I’ve decided to try and focus on what I believe to be pivotal moments that change the tide of IT innovation.  If that makes me an IT historian so be it!

These moments do not come along too often but today was an exception; Today Google turned the next page in the search engine saga by releasing “Google Instant”.

While I could describe the service in full detail I’ll let the following pieces of Google propaganda speak for me:



In case you didn’t have time to view those videos, Google Instant IS an instant search engine.  As you type Google now predicts what you are looking for and pre-fetches this search data from the web.  Google has also added “grayed out text” that predicts what you will type next.  This grey text operates a lot like the predictive text of your cell phone and should greatly speed up typing.

If you are used to the old predictive text in the search box of Google you will be pleased to know it is still there however now when you click the items in the dropdown text box you will instantly toggle between search result sets.  This should lead to an ability to rapidly switch between multiple variations of your search to find the exact pages you are looking for.

Why is this big?  Google estimates that this change “could save users 2-5 seconds per query”.  If you multiply that times their user base you get, “11 hours for every second”, or “350 million hours per year” according to the estimates stated in the conference today.

WOW Google!  They complained about your Pac man stunt wasting time and you’ve returned the time with interest!

While a lot of the reaction on the web so far has played off this new capability as a parlor trick with little worth, Google knows having a feature like this puts its user interface in a new class.  Other search engines like Microsoft’s Bing will now have to play catch-up.  The raw horsepower alone to pull off this kind of stunt is amazing!  If marketed correctly by Google and not killed before it grows up this change could set a new standard in the world of search.

Stay tuned for my next post (hopefully tonight) as I explain how I think Google can make a TON of money while leveraging this new technology as a web app platform!

You can see today’s full press conference here:


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