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If you’ve had your eye on the news lately you should be aware that Amazon has started their own Android app store.  What you may not know is they are giving away FREE apps.


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When I say FREE apps take notice, there’s four capital letters.  These FREE Android applications are not your normal no-charge garden variety apps.  These are full blown “you would have payed for them in the Android market” type apps.

Here’s a sample of what they have given away so far:

  • Angry Birds Rio
  • World Series of Poker
  • Shazam Encore


Killer app?

Image by Andrew Currie via Flickr

While I believe the “one free every day” idea is only to help promote the store I have to admit I never would have downloaded Angry Birds under any other circumstance.

Amazon has also added a nice feature to their store called “Test Drive” which allows you to test out the app right in your browser before you buy.  While not all of the apps in their store have Test Drive enabled, it is a huge selling feature.  If you give consumers a chance to test out an app it will either guide them towards buying the app or finding something else.  In the long run Test Drive should lead to a greater level of user satisfaction and much less buyer remorse.

Poker chip with the WSOP logo.

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While I’m not a huge fan of Amazon breaking off and doing things their way, I have to applaud them.  The Amazon app store has a clean interface and ads additional features not currently found in the Android Market.


Have you tried out this new rogue app store?  Tell me what you think of Amazon’s new offering in the comments section below!

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