Mar 262011

Ever wanted to try SwiftKey Keyboard on your Android phone?  If the $1.99 price tag has been scaring you off today is your lucky day!

Ever wanted to try SwiftKey Keyboard for Android?

Check out SwiftKey on

For the next 13 hours and 25 minutes you can get the full version of SwiftKey free from (click here)

SwiftKey Is a keyboard replacement for your Android phone that can predict what you’ll say next based on a complex algorithm and your previous text messages.  Think of it as predictive text on steroids.

If you still have questions about all this SwiftKey gibberish, I’ve linked to their demo video below.  Check it out and remember today may be the last day you can get SwiftKey from for free.  Tomorrow this lovely keyboard software will most likely return to its normal price of $1.99.



Have you ever used SwiftKey?  Did you like it?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Nice post Matt! This is a great app. Google should buy them.

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