Jul 252013

Recently at work we’ve been using a new (free) CMS called Concrete5.  So far it seems interesting but a far cry from what I’m used to in WordPress.

concrete5 logo

While I don’t really NEED a CMS on this site I’m thinking of converting mattdetwiler.com over to Concrete5 for learning purposes.  I’ve always wanted to fill this site with more technological content, code samples, howto articles, etc. but WordPress never seemed like the right vehicle for anything other than a blog.

Having a CMS on the site would help dumb down the design process a bit and also allow a better structure for static pages.  Being able to focus on content rather than presentation could shave hours off of the writing process.

I have to admit my biggest problem with Concrete5 so far has been adding custom PHP.  I’m just not used to the structure (and simplicity) of having a CMS do the heavy lifting.  Having it installed here on my personal site may be the best way to force me into getting comfortable with the CMS while adding a new skill to my belt.

Are you a Concrete5 user?  Have you succeeded/failed at installing a CMS on your blog?  Want to debate the finer points of CMS vs Blogging platform?  Let me know in the comment section below!


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