Sep 082010
Monetizing Google Instant -  Google’s New Adsense-Like Business Opportunity

In my last post I talked about Google Instant and how an instant search engine changes the game for internet search.  While Google Instant is an internet revolution, I think most people (including Google) may miss the opportunity that this […]

Sep 082010

Had to steal that line from the wonderful old guy in the video!  CLASSIC! If you’ve been keeping track of my posts you’ll more than likely notice that it has been a while since I’ve put up anything new.  I […]

Aug 192010
Intel Buys McAfee for 7.68 Billion

Wow!  Technology super giant Intel made a HUGE move today by purchasing McAfee for 7.68 Billion.  This kind of moving and shaking is what makes technology interesting.  When one of the top CPU/hardware companies buys one of the top security […]

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