Since a few cents may be earned here and there from Adsense revenue or consulting opportunities, I feel it appropriate to state a disclaimer:


“Everything on this page is for entertainment and satirical use only.  I report on the tech world and at times I mock it.  This blog contains my personal views and opinions on technology.  they may be wrong or even misguided.

If you get hurt, lose money, get dumped, look stupid, act stupid or cause stupidity because of what is posted here I am hereby giving fair warning and notice.

I’m not speaking for an employer, spouse, friend, business partner, pet or aliens from outer space.  I may make money from this blog, people may give me free stuff for review, I may even become popular.  All images and references to corporate property are solely for informational purposes and have been obtained from public sources/ the internet.  If you feel I have infringed on any copyright please notify me in writing and I will remove the content in a timely manner.  I also reserve the right at this time to include any and all other blog disclaimers from other online sources if needed to further disclaim my site or actions.”


Speaking of other blog disclaimers…


The Blog Herald has a great article here:



A personal favorite from the Blog of Tim Ferriss including photos:




All in all we are at a sad point in our society when someone standing on a soapbox needs a lawyer.  I’m sorry, you’re sorry and we’re all sorry.  Let’s get back to having fun and filling the internet with useless knowledge!




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