Learning Vue.js and Vuex

This post will be short and sweet. I’ve been getting into Vue.js lately for fun and profit. Overall it has been a love/hate relationship. Vue can be a powerful and easy to use tool once you get past the beginner bumps (and bruises).

My journey so far with the “progressive framework”:

  • Read some Vue.js tutorials
  • Build a functional app concept (but only in two huge files)
  • Get frustrated and decide components are the way
  • Read lots and lots of tutorials on components and select single file components (from the 7 ways to do components)
  • Get SFCs working
  • Decide you want to use a Vuex data store instead of passing parameters between components
  • Luck out and find an amazing 10 video tutorial on Vuex
  • Build a Pokedex for fun

Check out the youtube video from The Net Ninja on Vuex. His style really resonates with me. He spoke, I understood. Good stuff.

The Best Vuex tutorial on YouTube

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