Linux on Windows FAST!

This is a quick and dirty guide to adding Linux and the Bash prompt to Windows. It also shows you how to use Bash from Visual Studio Code.

Install Windows Linux subsystem

  • Start->Control Panel -> Programs and Features
  • Turn Windows features on or off
  • Turn on Windows Subsystem for Linux

Linux Subsystem

  • Click OK
  • Restart
  • Go to Start -> Microsoft Store -> search for your flavor of Linux (in this case Ubuntu)
  • This will take a while to download and install
  • Once complete enter a username and password for your Linux account
  • Linux will now be available from Start
  • To quickly get to a bash prompt hold Windows key+ R type “bash” and hit enter
  • Type “sudo apt update” and hit enter to update
  • When this completes type “sudo apt upgrade” and hit enter to upgrade your packages

Making it work in VS Code

  • Download and install from:
  • To quickly access a terminal hit Ctrl + J and click the terminal tab this will open a PowerShell window
  • To use bash from the terminal type “bash” and hit enter
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